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Subject: [Leica] R lenses on Canon
From: at (Douglas M.Sharp)
Date: Sun Jan 23 07:56:30 2005
References: <> <003d01c5015c$3ff99f30$833b6d18@ted>

It all goes to show, again, that Leica has,unfortunately, missed the boat - 

I'm sure that swearing by Leica has recently changed to swearing at Leica 
not getting their act together, R8 winder, DMR etc. Latest release date for 
DMR is now (according to the press in Germany) April 2005 - and at how many 
camera fairs have they now failed to demonstrate a working model?

It can only be hoped that the people in Solms may learn something from the 
that, by now, a lot of dyed in the wool Leicaphiles are now using their 
lovely R 
lenses on Canon bodies. Now I've done it with the DSLRs I'm doing it with a 
previously hardly used EOS film SLR too. Not so long ago we would have heard 
screams of "Heresy!!"
Of course Doug H. has a few points which really do tell against the
hybrid  set-up. If I was doing the kind of wonderful stuff he does I'd
probably find the 20D inadequate too - a couple of centimetres DOF at 100 
is the kind of tolerance I just don't need for the stuff I take. (Steam 
Locomotives just don't run or fly away when you get close). Canon are on to 
very good thing with the possibility of mounting R-lenses, it's great 
advertising for them - "look , our cameras are so good that even Leica users 
them" I think it's much more likely that Canon may start producing adapters 
themselves than that they refit the EOS mount to stop the use of other 
glass. And, to be quite honest, Canon lenses aren't all bad either.
Ted Grant wrote:

> Doug Nygren  said:
>> I'm sure they smile all the way to the bank thinking about this 
>> "outrageous" behaviour of Leicaists.  These Leicaists may even become 
>> like the consumer lemmings of the digital age and buy one upgrade 
>> after another, first the 10D, then the 20D, tomorrow the 30D, or in 
>> the words of another lugger, they'll become investors in Canon's 
>> R&D.<<<<<
> Hi Doug,
> Well I suppose some folks would do that, however I think there are a 
> great number of 20D -Leica lens shooters that would stay quite happily 
> where they are with a 20D. I mean even in my case over the years I 
> didn't switch Leicaflex's or R's everytime they made new versions. Even 
> when I did make a change it was usually sometime later or a couple of 
> other models before doing so.
>>> The other day someone noted that Canon one day might design their 
>>> cameras so that R lenses could not be attached. <<<
> I doubt this very much simply because they'll sell a great number of 
> bodies to people with Leica glass who wont be able to afford the Leica 
> digi back, therefore they'll buy a Canon body of some sort to go digital 
> and still use R lenses.
> And many of the R lens people in buying a 20D or whatever, will 
> eventually also pop for one or two Canon digital designed lenses as I've 
> done. Simply for the auto-focus ability. :-) hey once you've tried it a 
> few times, it's like sex, you need more of it! ;-)
> ted
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