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Subject: [Leica] Elmar 50mm f2.8 thoughts/opinions
From: s.dimitrov at (Slobodan Dimitrov)
Date: Sun Jan 16 09:08:24 2005
References: <> <005201c4fb79$3745c370$42ec4142@D1S9FY41>

In my case I'm quite happy with my M3. Especially now that its been 
reset to focus to the 0.7m range of the Elmar-M.
I'm much more interested about getting the M3 painted in black enamel, 
but without having to deal with sending the camera overseas.
However, an Elmar-M and an Elmar-C  would be be a very nice kit. 
Coupled with a new Summaron, let's say a 25mm, would make it a real 
working system, in my opinion.
I've seen a photo of a IIf with a bayonet mount, with a chrome 35mm 
'lux on it, in Classic Camera, issue 21, February 2002. The other 
matching lens for the body was an Elmar f2.8. It certainly shows that 
this might be another option.
I can't any reason why Leica won't do those kind of conversions. Even 
at $300-$500, it just might worth it.
S. Dimitrov

On Jan 15, 2005, at 7:12 PM, Seth Rosner wrote:

> Gentlepersons! I just opened my computter and saw the heavy interest 
> in a new production run of an LTM 50/2,8 Elmar. I take my friends on 
> this list seriously and if you are indeed serious and not just jerking 
> your own chains,  I would be very glad to call Roger Horn, President 
> of Leica Camera USA, Monday to inquire about the feasibility of 
> producing a limited run of this lens. Don't want to circumvent Roger 
> who has become a friend so after I speak with him, I can also call 
> Stefan Daniel in Solms who is Leica's product manager to discuss this 
> project.
> I have no idea what the numbers requirements would be or the possible 
> cost but I am certain that we can find out.
> Some of you know that last October I got tossed into the inferno of 
> LHSA and was elected president. If the executive committee does not 
> nix the idea, I'd be glad to do a broadcast email to those LHSA 
> members who are on the internet to tell them of the LUG's interest in 
> a special run and ask interested LHSA members to let us know.
> Does someone else have the time to collect and collate names of 
> seriously interested LUGGERS so we have an accurate list?
> Seth
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> Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 6:45 PM
> Subject: RE: RE: [Leica] Elmar 50mm f2.8 thoughts/opinions
>> GREG LORENZO wrote:
>>> I'm still hoping to see this lens released in LTM as well as the
>>> 4th generation 35 Summicron.
>>> I believe both lenses would sell very well.
>> Not sure about that;  as I recall Leica had a hard time
>> selling that LTM  edition (50/2, 50/1.4 and 35/2 Asph).
>> They'll be gun shy to do it again.
>> What we need is someone enterprising enough,
>> crazy enough, enough of Leica fan and connoisseur,
>> and with pockets deep enough to make a special order.
>> Do you know any one ?  :-)   I actually can think of
>> one on the LUG.
>> - Phong
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Slobodan Dimitrov

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