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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Nikon SP 2005 Limited Edition Introduced
From: feli2 at (feli)
Date: Fri Jan 14 16:48:59 2005

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From: Dan C <>
Sent: Jan 14, 2005 4:06 PM
To: Leica Users Group <>
Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: New Nikon SP 2005 Limited Edition Introduced

>If I had $8000 to spend on a camera, and the choice between the Canon 1Ds
>II and the SP, I wouldn't give the SP a second thought.  And I'd use the
>Canon as much as I could. 

Well, yeah, I would also pick the 1Ds II also, over an SP. I thought you were
saying you wouldn't use the SP, because of how much it cost. If I wasn't 
going to shoot
with it, I might as well cut out a picture of one and stick that in my 
display case. ;-)

>But....I just don't see the point of a camera like the SP, other than
>placing in a nice display case by a collector. 

I agree that it's geared towards the collectors. But some of us really are 
crazy enough
to shoot with it, if we could afford it! ;-) Look at B.D.!

> If Nikon reintroduced the Nikon F (once a top of the line pro camera  
> which I believe
> has many things >in common with the SP), would you even consider it?  

Well, there are tons of F cameras around, ranging from $100 bucks to 
thousands depending
on rarity. There are also alternatives to an F, but you simply can't find a 
cheap SP and it really
was the only other pro lever rangefinder made, besides the M.  Either you 
shot a Nikon or a Leica.
Contax was on it's way out.

But frankly unless I was obscenely rich, I wouldn't drop serious money on a 
SP or any other Nikon RF,
because the finder pales in comparison to an M. I shoot with all of my 
cameras. It's the same reason why
I have never shelled out the money for a rebuilt Contax IIa with the Sonnar 
1.5/50. Great camera, great lens,
so-so finder with no parallax correction. I might as well shoot with my $300 
dollar IIIc.



-dan c.

Feli di Giorgio