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Subject: [Leica] The Zeiss Choice
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Thu Jan 13 11:29:51 2005
References: <BAY101-F405BCE11A474B000068703AB8A0@phx.gbl>

With my digital (D70) and film (FM3a) gear, I often enjoy focusing
really closely with wide 24, 28 and 35mm lenses.  My CV 21mm
is more often than not shot at the RF close focus range.  Look at
some of Eugene Richards' stuff shot with a 21mm Oly.  Etc.

I think this would be a great feature.


Bill Marshall wrote:

> Seth Rosner wrote, in part:
>> "I just don't believe that there will be many people buying these 
>> outfits in order to use wide-angle lenses at 0.3m."
> I disagree, Seth. Of course, rarely does anyone buy any camera for a 
> single feature. And I doubt that we are coing to see people trading in 
> their M6's or M7's for a ZI - although they might buy it as a second 
> body. But the close focus ability gives the consumer one more reason 
> to look at this camera more closely - at least if Hasselblad & its 
> dealers market it properly.
> I think that you have to see this feature within the whole package. 
> Within the past 5 years a whole new generation has been introduced to 
> rangefinder photography through Cosina. In addition there are other 
> first time buyers will come into the market. This latter group will 
> say "I can start with the economy model or I can look at something 
> with more features." They will be joined with current CV users looking 
> to upgrade. What they will see as an alternative to the CV Bessas is 
> that they can get a camera with a bigger, more viewable  eyepiece & 
> viewfinder that includes 28mm framelines; they can get a longer base 
> line that will more accurately focus longer lenses & all lenses in 
> general; they will get a camera/lens combination that will focus wide 
> angle lenses down to a foot & a half. And they will get all of that 
> for $1600.
> They will then ask the question: Can I do better? They will see that 
> they can buy Leica for almost $3000.
> "Sounds like a lot of money." they might say.
> "Well, you can always buy used," will be the answer.
> "What will I get for my extra money or for downgrading to used?"
> "Better build quality."
> "Will I lose anything?"
> "Well, the base line won't be quite as long, the viewfinder won't be 
> quite as big, the lenses won't focus quite as close, & the film will 
> be harder to load. But you do get a red dot."
> Within the context of the whole package, some people will opt for the ZI.
> I also think you undervalue the closer focus. Leica certainly valued 
> it when they improved from 3 feet on the M3 to 27" on later models. 
> Two examples of places where I find it useful: 1) crowded groups of 
> people & 2) cramped interiors - like the hold of an old 3-masted 
> schooner I was trying to take pictures in recently at a seaport 
> museum. In both cases when I only have my rangefinder with me, I like 
> the idea that I can focus to within a foot and a half rather than 
> needing almost 2 and a half feet of working room.
> Cheeers,
> Bill
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