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Subject: [Leica] Using Leica at -15F or -25C
From: grduprey at (
Date: Fri Nov 12 07:18:47 2004


I would not discard the M7 just for cold operation.  My R4SP works just 
fine in the cold, even in the extremes (for me,  -15F).  You have 
basically the same care practices you would take to keep the film from 
breaking in the cold.  Considering modern battery and electronics 
abilities in the cold today, the film becoming brittle and breaking is 
more likely to happen before the batteries and electronics fail.  Most 
electronics designed for cold weather today will operate at -55C without 
any problems at all.  I'm the one who has problems working at those temps. 


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11/12/2004 02:12 AM
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[Leica] Using Leica at -15F or -25C


Just back from a few month aout of the list...

In the mean time had to repair ma m7, the on-off button was stuck, and the 

release was thus blocked... But the camera was still under guarantee....
Currently I have another problem, the led indicating that the battery is 
is alwasy on, even we new battery, but has no impact on the meter, which 
works fine.... anyway the camera will have to go back to repair :-( ....

But my question  today was about using the camera in low temperature. I 
to go for several mountain climbing and wonder which camera to use ar -15F 

or -25c or below.
For sure the M7 is not an option (I don't want to rely on battery for the 
I wonder about the MP or old M6, even one of my M2 or M3?
Or may-be should I buy a R6 ?
I own a M2 and a M3 and a M7, and wonder if I have to think to buy a new 
Any issue with the lenses freezing?

Have some of you some advice in the matter?

Cheers, logan.

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