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Subject: [Leica] A Surprisingly Good prints!
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Oct 27 18:10:10 2004
References: <01bb01c4bc87$107079b0$>

B. D. Colen offered:

> My point, not well made - in fact not made at all, is that quadtone ink
> digital prints can look every bit as good as silver prints. They do look
> 'different;' and don't believe anyone who tells you they look the same.
> (although the black and white prints produced by the HP7690 on BH's best
> glossy paper look just like custom silver prints on RC paper - no
> kidding). But the quadtone prints are really gorgeous, just gorgeous in
> a different way.<<<<,,

Hi B. D.,
I think you've made a very valid point here about digital prints compared to 
wet tray  prints.

If people would get by that one is better than the other and begin to accept 
that both methods can produce very beautiful . And it isn't necessary and 
quite ridiculous to keep comparing them to each other.

>>But the quadtone prints are really gorgeous, just gorgeous in
> a different way.<<

And that's the point right there. I mean I'm making beautiful digital and 
film scanned prints off the Epson 2200 and don't have one problem with any 
of them considering I do very little "fiddling," simply because I don't know 
how to.  I just push all the automatic buttons and the machine spits out 
these, well what I consider damn fine prints, which I'm finding some folks 
will pay for copies and calling them "fine art photographs!" :-)

Hell maybe there's a whole new life for me yet! Imagine me being called an 
"artist!"  Not a hope :-( "Arteeest?" maybe, ;-)
But artist? Yeeeeeeeck! :-( However, for a few dollars they can call me 
whatever their little hearts desire! :-)

But in reality the sooner folks get over constantly making comparisons of 
digital prints and wet tray prints the sooner they'll learn to appreciate 
the beauty in both.

I mean, the prints Tina had at the Leica Seminar where absolutely drop dead 
beautiful and anyone saying they weren't as good as they'd be if they were 
shot on film would truly have to be an idiot! Tina is a master at this 
digital printing without question and it shows in her print production..


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