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Subject: [Leica] For Ted and other WWII aircraft nuts
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Oct 26 17:54:13 2004
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Peter Dzwig showed: My kind of airplanes! :-)
Subject: [Leica] For Ted and other WWII aircraft nuts

> It was ALSO RAF Westhampnet diring the war...the infield was the airstrip; 
> so the infield becomes a recreation of the aerodrome. 

Hi Peter,
Thank you. I'd sure like to be there some day for that kind of event, be a 
great thrill. And despite the flying machines of today and there ability to 
fly with such power and speed, these in your pictures are what I call "real 
airplanes!" :-)

And for those of you who may re-call my looking for a place to get a ride in 
a 2 seater Spitfire or Mustang, well it's on!!!!!  :-) Yep by accident I saw 
a story about a war plane museum where they took people up in Olympia, 
Washington in the USA.

Actually only  few hours drive from where we live in Canada. They only fly 
between May and October and unfortunately they shut down the flying part 
early this year. However, my birthday is May 27, 2005. So next birthday I'm 
booked for a 30 minute flight, consider that a long-time in a P51 Mustang 
for my 76th birthday!  :-) Can hardly wait! :-) And you bet I'm going to 
have a camera or two,. an M7 with a 15 mm and in those confined quarters 
it's big-time wide or you get nothing.

When we get closer we're going see if we can get some of those Seattle 
members to come along and shoot-up a storm as we fly the skies.

Oh and I thought you'd like to know that I had to be able to get out of the 
plane on my own.... obviously with a parachute ;-) .... just in case.

Hey no problem and as far as having to do a parachute jump? hell that's easy 
as that was my 65th birthday gift to myself... my first and only solo 
parachute jump ! :-) So me worry? Nope. She who must be obeyed? Hell I wont 
tell her I'm flying until we get to the air base. ;-)

And Peter, thanks again for the reminders of my young wartime years of 
wanting to be a fighter pilot. :-).


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