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Subject: [Leica] solo by the Seine... 44
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Oct 28 12:24:03 2004
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Steve Barbour showed:
Subject: solo by the Seine... 44

>> ahhhh  Paris,   just a few weeks ago...<,,,

Hi Steve,
As much as I like the overall feel of the picture, the soloist is too far
away from your camera position.

Because when I first looked, my re-action was,... "What the heck is he
talking about, solo?" And it wasn't until I began looking tighter and
tighter at the picture did I find the soloist and I understood what your
title meant. However, the guy is too small. How about if one could re-shoot
;-) yeah right. :-)  And we put the soloist in the 2nd or 3rd sun light area
from the foreground and you went vertical as one thought?

But in this situation I'd definitely shoot horizontal and vertical just in
case later on the light table, one could decide which had the best visual
effect and composition.

Another first re-action was..... "where the hell is the boat Steve?" As I
felt the water area was too big and empty and really needed something in it,
one of those tour boats or small commercial vessels cruising along would be
about right. But not too close to the camera position.

And a couple or single person, naw this is Paris and that's the city of
couples. So a couple it is, reaching the top of the stairs on the way up or
down, but just caught in the sunlight at the top. In either they'd be
silhouetted anyway.

Actually this is one of those locations where you need extra time on your
hands to wait for the HCB "DECISIVE MOMENT!"  The location has great
potential and there are many different photo situations just waiting for the
"extras" to do there walk on moment.

HCB would find a spot like this and merely wait for the extras to fall into
the right decisive moment!


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