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Subject: [Leica] Re:OT: Leica M7 with MP finder?
From: frankandaubrey at (Frank Farmer)
Date: Tue Oct 26 10:25:27 2004

I believe that Nikon takes a very hard line about grey market products and 
service here in the states.  Hasselblad does too.  Such that Hassey USA will 
not provide
service of any kind to a grey product:

"Commencing with November 2002 production, all Hasselblad serialized 
products sold outside of the United States will now carry a new 
international warranty card. This means Hasselblad USA will no longer 
provide warranty service, spare parts or out-of-warranty service for any 
grey market product. To receive service, these products must be returned 
directly to the original grey market reseller for repair, or directly to 
Victor Hasselblad AB in G?teborg, Sweden."


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From: F?lix L?pez de Maturana <>
Sent: Oct 26, 2004 8:47 AM
Subject: [Leica] Re:OT: Leica M7 with MP finder? 

>Hasselblad is also actively engaged in eradicating grey market dealers. 
>This is from their
>"Hasselblad USA believes the grey market is a disservice to the 
>photographic market. These resellers do not invest back into the industry, 
>do not support educational activities that introduce new >photographers 
>into the business and provide little, if any, post-sales support and 
>service to their clientele. For these reasons, Hasselblad USA is actively 
>involved in eradicating grey market as a source of >Hasselblad product in 
>the United States."

I cannot speak about Hasselblad or Leica, whose equipment never required a 
support, but as an extensive Nikon user I can say that the monopoly of a 
firm, in Spain is Finicon, just raises up prices and produces the worst 
service I've seen in my life. I suppose the agreements between Nikon and 
Finicon do not allow to open this market but I do prefer buying my Nikon 
gear from outside Spain because the prices difference are huge!

So, if grey market helps to the customers is welcome! I think that some USA 
firms provide very good warranties and services. The investing back into the 
industry, the educational activities are a matter of the internal firms 
politic and we cannot do anything about. On the other hand here in Spain 
Canon never ask where come from a camera of equipment, merely they fix it, 
and very quick!


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