Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/10/24

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Subject: [Leica] Re:OT: Leica M7 with MP finder?
From: fmaturana at (Félix López de Maturana)
Date: Sun Oct 24 08:17:49 2004
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>Hasselblad is also actively engaged in eradicating grey market dealers. 
>This is from their
>"Hasselblad USA believes the grey market is a disservice to the 
>photographic market. These resellers do not invest back into the industry, 
>do not support educational activities that introduce new >photographers 
>into the business and provide little, if any, post-sales support and 
>service to their clientele. For these reasons, Hasselblad USA is actively 
>involved in eradicating grey market as a source of >Hasselblad product in 
>the United States."

I cannot speak about Hasselblad or Leica, whose equipment never required a 
support, but as an extensive Nikon user I can say that the monopoly of a 
firm, in Spain is Finicon, just raises up prices and produces the worst 
service I've seen in my life. I suppose the agreements between Nikon and 
Finicon do not allow to open this market but I do prefer buying my Nikon 
gear from outside Spain because the prices difference are huge!

So, if grey market helps to the customers is welcome! I think that some USA 
firms provide very good warranties and services. The investing back into the 
industry, the educational activities are a matter of the internal firms 
politic and we cannot do anything about. On the other hand here in Spain 
Canon never ask where come from a camera of equipment, merely they fix it, 
and very quick!