Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/10/27

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Subject: [Leica] Re:Interview on Zeiss Ikon
From: fmaturana at (Félix López de Maturana)
Date: Wed Oct 27 14:35:21 2004
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>And my Rolex was so damn erratic I finally sold it - wearing a status
>symbol was fun, but I was more in need of vaguely accurate time. I have
>had similar problems with Omegas - never had those problems with quartz
>watches, whether they cost $15, or $150. ;-)
>And don't get me wrong, I really love the look and heft of the
>traditional watches, to say nothing of the craftsmanship.

I think that the comparison is not exact. A Swiss handmade or at least 
craftsmanship watch is not more efficient than a Japanese quartz one. But 
variations may be almost infinity. My Omega Speedmaster has to be manually 
wired every day and it's outrageously inexact. My Rolex is a Oysterquartz 
one and it's really very accurate. So any of my Japanese quartz Casio are 
more exact than the Omega. On the other hand my Junghang German radio 
connected to atomic radio watch is,I live in the middle of somewhere,  once 
a day, the most accurate of all.

Nothing, Japanese or not, is better than my M Leica lenses. And if you find 
a Titanium Leica as to be very expensive just ask for the price of a Breguet 
tourbillion skeleton.