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Subject: [Leica] Epson RD-1
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Wed Oct 13 06:42:54 2004
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Hi Mark,
I've been using a digital back for my Leica-R, Novoflex, Contax, Canon,
Tamron, Sigma and Pentax M42 lenses for a couple of days now.**
You can buy five of them (below 900 euros already,with an 18-55 lens)
plus the appropriate adapters now for the price of an R9 digiback.
Adapters are readily available from Cameraquest, Novoflex, Hama and Zork
- even some for MF-format lenses!

Oh, I forgot to mention it's a Canon EOS 300D (Rebel, KISS or whatever).
So far I'm more than happy with the results considering it's an entry
level DSLR.
Now if Canon could come up with a reasonably priced DRF, and I wouldn't
put it past them, that would shake the market to its roots.
Does it really matter what the recording part is as long as the lenses
are good? People are already to accept the RD-1
as a Leica lens platform, so why not Canon.

Strange that nobody ever moaned about people using Polaroid backs or
cameras for checking exposure settings.
So what's so different about using a digital. It doesn't HAVE to replace
film, it just CAN under certain
circumstances. Like my pics of the Photokina, if I hadn't been so tired
they could have been posted literally
minutes after getting home.

**(this was the reason for not going for the Nikon)

Mark Rabiner schrieb:

>I was handling an R9 today for the first time and that's what an R9 cost.
>The price to get me into the R system.
>Then I've got to start on glass.
>I've already got the glass for the M system
>It would cost me 2900US to go digital.
>Which would mean I would use the system.
>If the Nikon D2X hits these shores before the Epson R1D1 I may have to just
>pick up the Nikon first. I've already got the glass for that too.
>And figure out what to do with my Leicas as I may not be about to justify
>And if the digital back came out before that Nikon D2x it might make for a
>different turn in the woods.
>The one least traveled by perhaps.
>Mark Rabiner
>Portland Oregon
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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