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Subject: [Leica] Consider This...
From: s.jessurun95 at (animal)
Date: Thu Sep 30 13:38:49 2004
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How to make a coke bottle behave like a summicron
best regards
simon jessurun
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Subject: Re: [Leica] Consider This...

> On Sep 30, 2004, at 11:31 AM, Marc Attinasi wrote:
> \
> > Software corrections of optical aberations are already being done, as 
> > Dennis said, in the computer (PhotoShop plugins). It may be a longer 
> > time before the cameras do the fixes, but it will happen. The lens 
> > used to make the image, along with the focal length, distances, 
> > aperture, etc. are all easily recorded, and the image converter can 
> > use this information, along with profiles of the lenses, to adjust 
> > field curvature, barrel distortion, etc. This has been discussed by 
> > several leading camera manufacturers who realize that the game has 
> > change - I'm not making this stuff up! ;-)
> Yes, but there are  few problems with fixing things in software.
> -Yes, you can fix barrel / pincushion effects in software, but you take
> a hit in image quality. Every time you perform a sub-pixel 
> transformation
> on an image you essentially cut it's resolution in half.
> -Software can't add detail that wasn't captured in the first place.
> You can't take a picture that is out of focus and make it sharp.
> You can sharpen the out of focus image, which will improve things
> to a point, but the process has it's limitations. Sharpening merely adds
> edge contrast, not detail. Same goes for lenses that deliver soft image
> quality in the field and corners. If the data isn't there, you can't 
> add it.
> There is no substitute for a good lens.
> Feli
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