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Subject: [Leica] Consider This...
From: feli2 at (feli)
Date: Thu Sep 30 12:09:46 2004
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On Sep 30, 2004, at 11:31 AM, Marc Attinasi wrote:
> Software corrections of optical aberations are already being done, as 
> Dennis said, in the computer (PhotoShop plugins). It may be a longer 
> time before the cameras do the fixes, but it will happen. The lens 
> used to make the image, along with the focal length, distances, 
> aperture, etc. are all easily recorded, and the image converter can 
> use this information, along with profiles of the lenses, to adjust 
> field curvature, barrel distortion, etc. This has been discussed by 
> several leading camera manufacturers who realize that the game has 
> change - I'm not making this stuff up! ;-)

Yes, but there are  few problems with fixing things in software.

-Yes, you can fix barrel / pincushion effects in software, but you take
a hit in image quality. Every time you perform a sub-pixel 
on an image you essentially cut it's resolution in half.

-Software can't add detail that wasn't captured in the first place.
You can't take a picture that is out of focus and make it sharp.
You can sharpen the out of focus image, which will improve things
to a point, but the process has it's limitations. Sharpening merely adds
edge contrast, not detail. Same goes for lenses that deliver soft image
quality in the field and corners. If the data isn't there, you can't 
add it.

There is no substitute for a good lens.


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