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Subject: [Leica] Photokina - Film Dinosaur Button
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Sep 30 08:42:59 2004

Interesting, Bob - But I hardly think Hermes and its boutiques are going
to have any impact what so ever on who does or does not produce film,
and on what the "outcome" of film v. digital will be. For Gds sake, Bob,
that battle is over, finished. Digital IS the dominant medium already,
and will only grow stronger.

And, yes, Hermes could conceivably keep Leica 'alive.' sad. Is
that really 'alive.' It's one thing to be thought of as the camera of
Henri Cartier-Bresson. It's another to be thought of as some rich guy's
toy available in red octopus. ;-)

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Subject: [Leica] Photokina - Film Dinosaur Button 

Everybody here seems to have covered most of the  problems facing Leica
    As we now can see clearly, I believe, Leica has decided  to
largely on producing the finest lenses money can buy and to turn  over
production of Leica cameras to proven Japanese camera manufacturers --
of course, 
with Leica engineering. 
   That brings up Hermes, the fashion company -- and one-third  owner of
Hermes must believe is the best camera in the world. Why  else would
see promise in Leica, a camera used by dinosaurs like us?  Why else
would it 
buy a third-interest -- not enough for control but enough to  exercise a
voice in the future of Leica. 
   Up to now, the full Leica line has been available  only from 
Leica-franchised dealers [if you don't count grey marketeers and used
camera dealers]. 
That will still be the case, I believe, but if Hermes has its  way,
Hermes scarves and ties and perfume and whatever else Hermes sells  to
people with 
Real Money, Leica cameras will also be displayed-- and widely  sold for
of money. 
   When a woman goes into a Hermes store, which seem to be almost
on the planet,  she may buy her husband or boyfriend a few  ties at
$50 or more each and then order a $5,000 Leica in red  octopus skin, for

delivery at Christmas, an idea that must have come from some  genius in
the Hermes 
design department. After all, people who shop in places  like Vuitton,
Givenchy, Cartier, Loewe and Hermes, to name a  few, don't really care
things cost; they  just pull out their  credit card and sign on the
dotted line. 
At least, that's how how I see  it.
   Who else but a designer at a place like Hermes would conceive  of an
to promote a custom-made Leica -- just like custom-made shoes, hat,
gloves or attache case. What difference if it costs a lot of money and,

getting back to the red-leather Leica, who cares if it just lies in the
drawer most of the time; nobody else has one like it and it's "just  
beautiful.'' [Moreover, custom-made Leicas are not a new idea for Leica;
we all  know 
that several famous Leica photographers in the Thirties, Forties and
had Leicas and Leica lenses made to their individual specifications,
probably none with any unusual covering other than black. Like Henry
Model T.]
          (1)  Leica will  be with us for a long time. 
          (2)  Leica lens  mounts will become standard throughout the 
          (3)  Regardless  of what the major film makers decide in
Germany and the United States,  35mm film will be available everywhere,
likely largely from Fuji and other  Japanese producers. 
          (4)  Leica  cameras will become available more widely and, 
gradually, more dealers will  spring up throughout the world.
          (5)   Zeiss-Ikon will be there, too, along with Voightlander,
Rolleiflex and, it seems, others. 
          (6)  Digital  cameras will grow rapidly and become en even
          (7)   Competition will decide what system dominates.
          (8)   Newspapers, magazines and television will get
allotments -- and,  therefore, promote Leica and the others more often.
          (9)  Most  important: We'll all be here until we join Sal
Jr. -- bob cole
Leica Users Group.
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