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Subject: [Leica] Photokina - Film Dinosaur Button
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Thu Sep 30 06:42:25 2004
References: <>

you win the award,
Leica M-JP milled directly out of selected of natural granite with 
controls of the best
polished black obsidian. Tastefully finished in Coelocanth scaled 
leather and in an Archeopteryx
leather ER-case (looks like the emu finish, but it's older). Your prize 
can be picked up at our
island resort/theme park just off the coast of Costa Rica - please ask 
for Mr Crichton.

Actually I think they saved their money and farmed the layouting out to 
local school classes.
To quote a well known tennis player - "you cannot be serious !!"


BTW now that the Photokina has started the Canon EOS300D is down in 
price by 200 euros here in Germany,
It's selling with the 18-55mm EF-S for just under 900 euros, the Nikon 
D-70 is reduced by 120 euros.

Philippe Orlent schrieb:

>I'm just imagining how this brilliant idea was conceived. :-P
>Legend: L=Leica Solms, A="the" advertising agency
>Solms, in the big meeting room:
>L: Gentlemen, things are not going well for Leica. That's why we need a new,
>groundbraking way to convince a new generation of customers of Leica's
>qualities. We cannot spend a normal global budget on this one: global
>warming, 9/11, Iraq, ... force us to be prudent. That's why we called you.
>We count on your added value as an agency to resolve this challenge, and
>expect you to present your new insights in 2 weeks time.
>A: Hmmm, very interesting. Let us think about it, but I can already say on
>thing: "Guerilla"!
>At the agency:
>A1: Damn those Leica fools. There's nothing groundbraking to tell about
>them. They're completely behind on their competitors, the brand value is at
>a historical low and Leica has become a synonym for grey dusty old fashioned
>completely pass?. How are we're going to pull out from this one?
>A2: With the four P's?
>A1: Shut up, fool. 4P is an nineties tool. We're in the 21st century,
>A3: I'm just following my guts for this one, so I say "Guerrilla!"
>A2: Yes, guerrilla! I've read about it too. This is so avantgarde.
>A4: So we dress up and shoot every non Leica customer thus making the
>relative presence of Leica users bigger?
>A1: No, and you're fired BTW. This is leading nowhere. What we need is
>something big. Something that never has been done before. Something that...
>A3: ... will rock the world. I say guerrilla!
>A2: But a SWOT could bring us...
>A1: Shut up, this is really too ridiculous. SWOT, for heaven's sake.
>A3: Just a sec. Let me think. We might be on the virge of something big
>here! SWOT, as in strength and weakness... As in... LET'S TURN THEIR
>A1: This is it! This is what we should do! Call in the creatives. Now!
>A3: But who's our target group? Their present one is doomed to extinguish.
>A1: Then let's go for the new generation! And call those damn creatives NOW!
>Internal meeting at the agency between MD and Creative Director:
>MD: Otto, it is very simple. Tell the people that the fact that Leica is
>dusty etc. is an advantage, and tell it to young folks. This is what we have
>to do.
>Otto: This is a complex matter. I will need time for this, and preferably in
>a place that will inspire me. Mmm. Photography means light. Light comes from
>the sun. So it should be a sunny place. Sunny and bright. A beach with white
>sand. Some palmtrees, ... The Seychelles!
>MD: They don't have much money, so the best I can offer you is a weekend in
>CenterParks Tropical Paradise. Just do this one, Otto, I promise you your
>next job will bring you to that one place in the world you haven't seen
>before on my expenses.
>Otto: Because it's you who is asking me, I'll do it. You can count on me!
>And do you have any idea when that next job will be?
>CenterParks Tropical Paradise, in the bar:
>Otto: ... and then he tells me "dusty etc." These cameras are stone age
>relics, for God's sake. What can you possibly tell about it that is
>interesting for young folks?
>Otto's old time buddy: Yeah, stone age, uh uh. For cage men, yeah!
>Otto: Leica from the Neandertal, yeah. Why don't these dinosaurs makes
>something that is competitive?
>Buddy: Did you say dinosaur?
>Otto: ...
>Otto: Wait... Dinosaur, young generation, this matches. It's Jurassic Park
>for young photogs! We make a kid's drawing and the campaign theme is "Ich
>bin ein Photo Dinosaur"
>Buddy: God, you're so brilliant.
>Otto: I know. I know. Bartender, bring us a bottle of ...!
>And the rest soon became history.
>>From: "Douglas M. Sharp" <>
>>Reply-To: Leica Users Group <>
>>Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:07:05 +0200
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>>Subject: [Leica] Photokina - Film Dinosaur Button
>>This is what Leica are handing out in connection with that strange site.
>>A first glance at the site made me think that some school kids had posted a
>>cheap page. The "Imprint" made me wonder, the Badge/Button gets me worried.
>>Is this the precursor of impending mental illness in Solms ?
>>Leica Users Group.
>>See for more information
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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