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Subject: [Leica] Photokina - Film Dinosaur Button
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Thu Sep 30 06:21:18 2004

I'm just imagining how this brilliant idea was conceived. :-P

Legend: L=Leica Solms, A="the" advertising agency

Solms, in the big meeting room:
L: Gentlemen, things are not going well for Leica. That's why we need a new,
groundbraking way to convince a new generation of customers of Leica's
qualities. We cannot spend a normal global budget on this one: global
warming, 9/11, Iraq, ... force us to be prudent. That's why we called you.
We count on your added value as an agency to resolve this challenge, and
expect you to present your new insights in 2 weeks time.
A: Hmmm, very interesting. Let us think about it, but I can already say on
thing: "Guerilla"!

At the agency:
A1: Damn those Leica fools. There's nothing groundbraking to tell about
them. They're completely behind on their competitors, the brand value is at
a historical low and Leica has become a synonym for grey dusty old fashioned
completely pass?. How are we're going to pull out from this one?
A2: With the four P's?
A1: Shut up, fool. 4P is an nineties tool. We're in the 21st century,
A3: I'm just following my guts for this one, so I say "Guerrilla!"
A2: Yes, guerrilla! I've read about it too. This is so avantgarde.
A4: So we dress up and shoot every non Leica customer thus making the
relative presence of Leica users bigger?
A1: No, and you're fired BTW. This is leading nowhere. What we need is
something big. Something that never has been done before. Something that...
A3: ... will rock the world. I say guerrilla!
A2: But a SWOT could bring us...
A1: Shut up, this is really too ridiculous. SWOT, for heaven's sake.
A3: Just a sec. Let me think. We might be on the virge of something big
here! SWOT, as in strength and weakness... As in... LET'S TURN THEIR
A1: This is it! This is what we should do! Call in the creatives. Now!
A3: But who's our target group? Their present one is doomed to extinguish.
A1: Then let's go for the new generation! And call those damn creatives NOW!

Internal meeting at the agency between MD and Creative Director:
MD: Otto, it is very simple. Tell the people that the fact that Leica is
dusty etc. is an advantage, and tell it to young folks. This is what we have
to do.
Otto: This is a complex matter. I will need time for this, and preferably in
a place that will inspire me. Mmm. Photography means light. Light comes from
the sun. So it should be a sunny place. Sunny and bright. A beach with white
sand. Some palmtrees, ... The Seychelles!
MD: They don't have much money, so the best I can offer you is a weekend in
CenterParks Tropical Paradise. Just do this one, Otto, I promise you your
next job will bring you to that one place in the world you haven't seen
before on my expenses.
Otto: Because it's you who is asking me, I'll do it. You can count on me!
And do you have any idea when that next job will be?

CenterParks Tropical Paradise, in the bar:
Otto: ... and then he tells me "dusty etc." These cameras are stone age
relics, for God's sake. What can you possibly tell about it that is
interesting for young folks?
Otto's old time buddy: Yeah, stone age, uh uh. For cage men, yeah!
Otto: Leica from the Neandertal, yeah. Why don't these dinosaurs makes
something that is competitive?
Buddy: Did you say dinosaur?
Otto: ...
Otto: Wait... Dinosaur, young generation, this matches. It's Jurassic Park
for young photogs! We make a kid's drawing and the campaign theme is "Ich
bin ein Photo Dinosaur"
Buddy: God, you're so brilliant.
Otto: I know. I know. Bartender, bring us a bottle of ...!

And the rest soon became history.
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> Subject: [Leica] Photokina - Film Dinosaur Button
> This is what Leica are handing out in connection with that strange site.
> A first glance at the site made me think that some school kids had posted a
> cheap page. The "Imprint" made me wonder, the Badge/Button gets me worried.
> Is this the precursor of impending mental illness in Solms ?
> Douglas
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