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Subject: [Leica] Consider This...
From: jorg.willems at (Jorg Willems)
Date: Thu Sep 30 02:22:31 2004

This is interesting: " Consider that digital cameras can and will correct
for certain optical aberrations and distortions in the camera or in the

As long as all the original optical information is contained in the
aberration/distortion I can see how that is theoretical possible provided
one can somehow formalize the transfer function of those distortions.
The benchmark for those mathematical optical massages will always be the
'correct' optical lens and most important the observer.

I also hope that Leica will move quickly into the M-Digital market to (at
least) keep the current market position.  This is more an emotional issue
than a business issue.  If this would be only a business issue we wouldn't
have this discussion because no matter of the outcome, bodies and lenses are
fully interchangeable and we can chose whatever we feel is the best

I believe that the RF market is too small for Zeiss/Cosina to consider
changing the M mount to shut out Leica.  That would mean that they would
have two different bodies and lenses lines on the market unless they do that
before May 2005.  But then they would lose the market of those "disloyal"
Leica users ;-)


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The future of lenses will be very different, and maybe Leica will not 
be optical experts in the digital realm. Consider that digital cameras 
can and will correct for certain optical aberrations and distortions in 
the camera or in the computer; this will change the design parameters 
of the lenses completely. I think the lens designs and the software 
will have to be developed lock-step to make the best imaging possible 
in the digital world. Maybe Leica lens designers can adapt, but I 
rather think that the winners in the digital lens market will also be 
involved in the software side, making the optical and the logical work 
together to achieve the best quality at the lowest cost. If Leica can 
adjust to that, why can't then adjust to the new digital camera market 
demands? Maybe they just need a more inspired owner...

- marc

On Sep 29, 2004, at 7:58 PM, John Collier wrote:

> Not really.
> Right now Zeiss is pulling itself back into the rangefinder market 
> using Leica's coat tails as the patent has expired on the M mount. It 
> is very unlikely that the Zeiss would succeed if it had a proprietary 
> mount. They need the installed base of Leica users if their product is 
> going to have a chance to make it. If Leica stops making bodies then 
> all Zeiss/Cosina has to do is make a small change in the mount and 
> then patent it. This would then shut Leica out and, shortly after, 
> down. Basically all Leica's marbles are in the digital M. It has to be 
> good and not too long away. Time will tell.
> Time will also tell with the new Zeiss digital rangefinder as well. It 
> is not that long ago that they had another still born digital project.
> John Collier
> On Sep 29, 2004, at 4:38 PM, B. D. Colen wrote:
>> Now THIS makes sense - Better a selective line of the world's best
>> rangefinder lenses, than a collection of red, green, and snakeskin 
>> clad
>> bodies... ;-)
>> From Buzz Hausner
>>> Leica gets out of the rangefinder body business entirely.  It seems 
>>> that
>>> other manufacturers are settling on the M mount as the industry 
>>> standard
>>> for interchangeable lens digital bodies.  Why reinvent the lens 
>>> mount,
>>> anyway?  Leica makes outstanding lenses for which there will be
>>> increased demand as "professional grade" digital rangefinders carve a
>>> market, so Leica survives in the rangefinder universe only as a lens
>>> manufacturer.  Okay, re-badging bodies is always a possibility, but
>>> Leica can survive by concentrating on the one thing they can and do
>>> create better than anyone else, lenses.
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