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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon
From: attinasi at (Marc Attinasi)
Date: Wed Sep 29 13:55:49 2004
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If they throw in a nice Hermes bag for SWMBO then I'm game ;-)

Seriously, I do not get the sour grapes about Leica... Leica makes good 
stuff, I use it and I love it, lots of other do too. They are no Nikon 
or Canon, for sure, but they do sell cameras and design new lenses from 
time to time - good ones too. If they go out of business because they 
don't sell enough of it, or if they stop producing stuff that I want to 
buy, then at least we have other companies (Cosina, Zeiss Ikon, 
Konica?) making compatible gear, at a similar quality level. If Leica 
hangs in there, and continues to make good products that I can use, 
then all the better!  Even if Leica goes down the tubes, or stops 
producing new gear and focuses on fancy coverings and paint for their 
old products, there is still a whole market full of high quality Leica 
gear to pick from - so many used Leicas, so little time, as they say 

Having stuck with Olympus even after the OM series died, I feel I have 
experienced this already. I never had a problem getting good used 
(cheap) OM gear. And I think Leica stuff holds up even better than 

- marc

On Sep 29, 2004, at 1:32 PM, Dan C wrote:

> Leica has responded in part by offering the a la carte Leica.  But 
> have you
> seen the prices?    Do I really want to spend upwards of $4,000 USD 
> for the
> privilege of picking the colour of my camera?  Are there enough people 
> out
> there willing to do so to keep Leica afloat?
> -dan c.
> At 04:26 PM 29-09-04 -0400, B. D. Colen wrote:
>> Emanuel says..
>> "The old era of Zeiss - Leitz rivalry was a heady time
>> for 35mm design," and asks...
>> "Now, in these days, how will Leica respond?"
>> ---
>> As they, sadly, always have ... With too little, too late, and at too
>> high a price.
>> These are not the heady days of the Zeiss/Leitz competition - which, 
>> if
>> we recall, were actually the days of the Zeiss/Leitz/Nikon 
>> competition.
>> ;-)
>> These are the days of the Zeiss/Kyocera/Cosina/Hassie consortium 
>> moving
>> in to clean up the remaining scraps from the rangefinder table - 
>> scraps
>> that could have been Leicas had Leica moved 18 months ago, or even
>> further back, when the Cosina handwriting was writ large upon the 
>> wall.
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