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Subject: [Leica] RE: Leica donation to students
From: leicagalpal at (Kit McChesney)
Date: Mon Sep 27 21:57:09 2004


Oh, it's okay. We all get a little heated now and again. Part of being
passionate about stuff. And when we are talking about Leica, well, we get a
little more than passionate, don't we? My preciousssssssssssssss, indeed!

Yes, Leica's national budget is teency-weency. They have managed to get some
very good product placements, though, and I've seen lots of those. That's
great, but it still does require PR help to get that kind of exposure. I
think it would be great if the dealers could form a cooperative association
to work together to help each other out. I help the dealers in my region
when I can, and they do the same for me. We mostly help each other with
product exchanges when Leica is out of something. Some are more open to this
than others. The Southwest region is pretty far-flung, in terms of location.
We have the largest land area, but the smallest population. But dealers do
in-store demos on the Leica Days events, and the regional managers come in
during those times to show equipment and do clean and check events, and that
helps out with sales. Those are usually pretty profitable days for dealers.
I do something along those lines, though being virtual, I can't invite
people into the store. I do other kinds of services, though, that my clients

There needs to be some creative grassrootsy-type guerilla marketing for
Leica. Really out of the box stuff, because Leica is out of the box. I still
like the idea of an ad campaign featuring famous images from famous Leica
photographers, like HCB's man jumping the puddle, etc., or Doisneau's couple
kissing in the street, really famous images that everyone has seen, with
simple copy like 'Photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Engineering by
Leica.' I think I said this already earlier today. Anyway, I have no idea if
the estates of those photographers would allow it, but it would be fun to
educate people by connecting the dots in that way. 

Ah, dream on! 


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>Okay, humor well-taken. And per my note to you off-list, I think this
>veered off into a direction that wasn't what I'd originally proposed. My
>original thought was that Leica could take in used cameras from customers,
>perhaps a trade-in situation, and then refurbish those for resale at
>reasonable prices to photo students. I think the 'donation' part of it had
>more to do with giving up profits, rather than outright giveaways of brand
>new cameras! I think some on the list think I meant that Leica should be
>tossing new M7s to college students totally gratis! Not so!

Kit -

Sorry! I think we both got a bit hot under the collar. :-)

I think your revised idea is a great one!  It wouldn't provide a tax 
deduction for the buyer, since you're getting a credit on your 
donation. But it helps keep the market value of used Leicas up at the 
same time as benefitting students.  Hasselblad did this at one time 
with their 501CM and 203/205 bodies -- trading in an old 500C would 
get you a few hundred in credits.

Hassie and Leica share a similar problem in that their bodies are so 
well built that their current models are competing against cameras 
built in the 1960s.  The difference between what you propose and what 
Hassie did is that Hassie put the 500C's it collected in the garbage 
-- more accurately it cannibalized them for parts, but took a 
collective loss on them.

Regarding advertising campaigns, I don't think Leica USA has any 
budget for national advertising. But it would be nice if all the 
Leica dealers made a collective effort to show what the cameras could 
do in the stores. Imagine if each store had beautifully done 13x19 
prints of a local LUGger in the entranceway. That would inspire 
people coming into the store to think of the possibilities.


Karen Nakamura
Leica Users Group.
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