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Subject: [Leica] Leica donation to students
From: robertmeier at (
Date: Sat Sep 25 20:17:04 2004
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Did you give him a lens with it?


>> Now, can we have a raise of hands of people who would donate their
>> Leicas to this program?  It sounds great on paper, but I don't think
>> it'd fly.  You'd get a lot of Canons, Nikons, Minoltas, and Yashicas,
>> but Leicas?<<,
> Karen,
> I gave an M6 to a young photo student who without question had what 
> appeared
> to be incredible photographic talent!
> And for no other reason than I'd given a one day lecture / presentation to 
> a
> class of 60 photo students and this kid came up after the day was over,
> showed me his portfolio and it was just the best damn portolio from a
> student I'd seen in years. And he'd done it with a no name brand camera.
> He said . "I might have done better if I had a "better camera." I 
> explained
> what I was looking at had little to do with the camera and everything to 
> do
> with his ability to see!  Because if he didn't see it in the first place, 
> it
> didn't matter what camera he had in hand, it wouldn't have made any
> difference. But this kid had a God given talent to, "SEE". So I had an M6
> sitting in the cabinet at home as I'd purchaesed 3 M7's,
> So I asked him to drop by the office and I'd see what I could do to help
> with a better camera.  So I gave him an M6 to help him along the way. :-)
> Sometimes you just have to give back to the profession, what the 
> profession
> has given you! :-) And one never knows what can be done simply by giving a
> helping hand to another human being!
> ted
>> If I was feeling generous, I'd sell my Ms on ebay  and donate the
>> money directly to a charity.  The overhead on these things are much
>> more than people think.  Consider this: if Leica dedicated *one*
>> person to work half time on this for a year, it'd cost them at
>> *least* $50,000 if not $100,000 in wages, benefits, office space, and
>> telephone equipment.  And this is with zilch costs in marketting this.
>> Do you think they'd have any chance of selling 200-400 more M cameras
>> because of the wonderful advertising effect of this program and thus
>> recoup their costs?
>> Sheeez. I'm supposed to be the professor in the ivory tower. Do you
>> guys actually work in the real world?
>> Kren
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>> Karen Nakamura
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