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Subject: Digital M/Digital Rebel was Re: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Sep 23 23:14:43 2004
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Nathan Wajsman offered as a user:
>> But I do know that when I put the 100mm Apo Macro on
> it I get better pictures than I do with the Canon 85mm lens (which is no
> slouch either), and when I put my newly aquired Canon 17-40mm L zoom on
> it, the pictures are much better than those I got with the (now sold)
> Sigma 17-35mm. All this talk about how with digital sensors lens quality
> does not matter is bunk, based on my experience.<<<<<<<

Hi Nathan,
Now this is what sorts out the worker bees from the number bees!

>>All this talk about how with digital sensors lens quality does not matter
is bunk, based on my experience<<<<<<

Damn I love it when a "user" stands up and says what he sees.

It's by sight and not bloody numbers! Yes finally!  Looking at prints with
eye balls! My what a new concept for understanding whether the prints look
good or not, or brilliant or not.... "Naw that size sensor is small and you
can't make prints bigger than 4X6 etc etc etc crap!" Sure by technical
standards I know you guys are right... by numbers!

But damn it, look at the finished 12X18 prints, yes with cropping, from a
Canon G5 or a Digilux 2 and tell me they're no good because it's only 5
pixel whatever's!. And I'll tell you exactly what to do. Quite frankly,
quite un-gentlemanly here!

Everything we hear about digital is always ramming around the damn numbers
and sizes and all that technical crap and it seems no one listens to folks
who make prints and who see a very positive print, sharpness, colour or B&W
difference. Because they are far more concerned about the sensor size than
the finished quality of the print from a size they deem ... "isn't big
enough to make anything larger than a 4X6 print!"

I realize I'm bottom of the totem pole here for digital experience. But what
I don't understand is this continual jabbering about bigger, bigger, bigger
is better, then I look at prints we've done that completely blow me away.
Not only me as the rookie in the house, but I've taken them to the colour
lab that did my colour printing wet tray. And they were surprised at the
quality of the Digilux and the 2200 print quality. "No wonder you don't come
here for your printing anymore! You don't need to!"

So Nathan mon ami, thank you for making me feel better as I was beginning to
loose my mind with all this digital stuff and in effect being told " well
the best you can do is 4X5 prints with 5 MGP's and you don't need a Leica
lens because the camera sensor size makes all lenses look the same."


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