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Subject: [Leica] Ted Got Quoted!
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Sep 23 21:31:26 2004
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Marc James Small asked: painfully! ;-)
Subject: Re: [Leica] Ted Got Quoted!

 leo wrote:
> >
> >tc_mc/digitaloutsellsfilmbutfilmstillkingtosome

Marc asked: :-)
> > Slainte!<

Jeeeeeeesh Marc,
I never got to see it, when I tried to open the page it couldn't be found?
So does that make me innocent of all supposed quotations therefore I'm
released from any form of punishment in case there was something I should've
been smart enough not to say? In the event I did say something..... I plead
not guilty? :-)

Or did I say something really really bad? ;-) And if that is the case, I
still plead not guilty! :-)

However, if I made any unfortunate ill-mannered remarks that may have been
attributed to me, they were without question, made while completely under
the possible influence of a Scottish liquid known to be scientifically
tested to cause early dementia in senior citizens. :-)

Therefore I am completely innocent as no charges can be laid due to the
influence of said Scottish liquid known as the Nectar of the Gods...
Lagavullin. (Several smilies here!) :-) :-) :-)

I plead early liquid dementia! :-)  So what did I say that I was quoted? I
know whatever it was, it wasn't funny, bad nor of any consequence to the
survival of Canada and the world. :-( OK I'll go take the meds and wash it
down with.... you guessed.:-)


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