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Subject: [Leica] old guys anonymous (was Re: Top Twelve Gallery)
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun Sep 19 12:13:21 2004

I'm sad to say that I have had this problem - not often, but I've had
it. But then I'm a grizzled old guy...Most times showing someone a post
card, or business card, will defuse the situation and win a parent over;
but not always.

But back to Karen's photo -

My reaction to the photo - my statement that I found it disturbing and
felt that it was a powerful image - has absolutely nothing to do with
the various stereotypes and PCisms to which Karen referred. My wife is
an antique dealer, so I run into plenty of collectors of both sexes and
various sexes between, and I have no problem with guys collection dolls
- hell, it's no weirder than guys collecting accessories for beat up
German cameras from the 30s and 40s. ;-)

But there is something about this particular guy and his doll, and the
way Karen photographed him, that suggests there might be something,
well, disturbing going on here. Perhaps it's the combination of the
blank stare of the doll, and the guy's odd expression. Whatever it is,
it brings to mind the Steve Buchemi character in that fine bit of
cinema, ConAir...;-) (The guy who cut a woman's head off and wore it as
a hat as he drove down the Eastern seaboard? The guy who returns to the
plane with a Barbie doll? - and yes, I remember that he did NOT harm the
doll's owner. ;-) )

Anyway, that's why I said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Or,
sometimes a serial killer is not just someone who ruins the breakfast
food by pouring the milk on too long before serving.

B. D.

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Subject: [Leica] old guys anonymous (was Re: Top Twelve Gallery)


>If any of the middle-aged male LUGgers went to a public park and
>started taking photos of 3-7 year olds, it'd take about 5 minutes 
>before the police arrived to haul you away.  Don't you see the 

I've heard this.  I've never experienced this or seen it.  Could be the
part of the country I live in.  (Midwest and upper midwest states.)
Probably having my own kid at a playground makes me safer now.

For a college photo class, I drove around looking for inspiration.
Finally saw a young mother and her kid at a playground outside of
married student housing.  Stopped, chatted with the mother, and then
took pics of both of them.  Granted, I wasn't middle aged then.

I've shot pictures at my "Little Brother's" (as in Big Brothers/Big
Sisters) sporting events.  I was a stranger to most of the parents, but
I still never got any grief.  (This was while I was still in St. Paul.)
Sad to say, I attended more games than some of the parents.


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