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Subject: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica
From: jls at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Fri Sep 17 16:45:32 2004

Is Leitz more interested in medical optics, microscopes, etc.? If Leica
is just a side interest, then it's probably seen as more of a liability
than an asset. I got my stomach scoped last month with a Pentax optical
thing they stuck down my esophagus. I'm beginning to pay more attention
to what the optical companies are doing for REAL money these days. With
so many professional 35mm users going with Canon and digital, I can't
blame Leitz for not wanting to pour R&D money into the photography

Remember when a Volvo would last 11 years and American cars were
designed to fall apart after 5? Well, Japanese cars now last 15 years,
and American cars are still designed to fall apart after 5. So American
and Swedish cars are not in as much demand. Jaguars fall apart after 5
(Ford helped that along).

The Leicas that are being produced now (MP and M7) are as good as it
gets in rangefinders. They don't need to be better. And my Leicas will
live way longer than I will (I'll bet your digital won't). And that's
what *really* matters. ;-)

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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Subject: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica

I have been a fan, admirer, fanatic , collector, lover and user of Leica
products for over 20 years
now, but now I've seen what's being announced for the coming Photokina I
think Leica has now just about completely lost touch with what is going
on. Unless they really pull the cat out of the bag with something
fantastic, surprising and affordable I think this will be the beginning
of the end..

What with the resurrection of Zeiss Ikon, the new  Nikon F6, the Bessa
R2A and R3A, RD-1 Fuji with their four thirds and all the other
developments like ever cheaper Pro-sumer and Pro DSLRs, it begins to
seem that Leica has now totally missed the boat, and that it was the
last boat too.

Maybe Zeiss/Cosina have been working together on their project for a
of years, but they at least didn't keep saying when it would be
introduced and then postponing it for a year or so. And they have thrown
down what appears to be a gauntlet aimed to challenge Leicas last ditch
defence, quality. The digital M and R could have been out years ago the
M7 too, none of this is new technology. Is Zeiss/Cosina going to become
a new standard for quality and innovation? They've got the money, the
technology and obviously the people too, to get things moving. What they
don't have is the complacency and arrogance which still governs Leicas
Ok they still make excellent lenses, at a price. But other people can do
it too and nearly as good for
half the price. What could the others do for prices in the rarified
regions of Leica glass prices?.
I think Cosina has proved that they can at relatively reasonable prices.
Are we really going to put up with paying a 50% higher price for a red
dot or
a couple of lpm more. Everyone says " well of course you see the
difference when you project slides taken with Leica lenses" or "
Enlarging to such and such a size is only possible from Leica negs"
but just how many people are still projecting and enlarging these days.
Scanning, printing, internet galleries  - all digital - we all know that
this is where most of us are, where we are going, or at least being led
by other, also serious, manufacturers.

Why won't those peoplein Solms climb down from their Ivory Tower and
start looking  reality (and survival) in the face.
Or are they just waiting until the right buyer comes along to pull them
out of their lethargy and make them competitive. And I do not mean
another handbag factory.

It may, hopefully, be too soon to say this, but I will miss them all the

eric schrieb:

> How much faith do we all have in a R digital back to fufill our 
> digital needs?
> Or are most planning to go canon/nikon digital route?
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