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Subject: [Leica] 1.5GB in a shirt pocket IPOD! aaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: jonathan at (Jonathan Borden)
Date: Mon Sep 13 05:41:51 2004
References: <00a801c4985c$c260e640$> <> <000b01c49907$59d5ef70$87d86c18@ted> <>

Bryan Caldwell wrote:

> Ted,
> You confirm my suspicions.
> A great music player, but not for picture storage.

Ted, nothing personal, but if you are having so much trouble with the 
iPod controls, might I suggest that you stick to solid metal buttons 
e.g. the M3 style. In terms of computerized thingies, it is generally 
ack'd that the iPod is as intuitive as it gets :-))

(my advice is to stick it into a case where you won't accidently hit 
the controls).

Now the iPod, aside from its music output chip, is basically a 20/40 Gb 
battery powered  harddrive attached to a firewire port.

If the transfer rate of the Belkin card reader is slow, it must either 
be a problem of the cardreader, not intrinsic to the iPod, as iTunes 
can stuff it full of digital files fairly quickly.

In terms of draining the battery during transfers, this is how to 
_entirely_ avoid it:

Buy a _powered_ firewire hub (~$50-60). Plug the firewire port from the 
cardreader into the hub, and connect the firewire hub to the iPod 
(using the iPod cable). What this will do is actually _charge_ the iPod 
during the card downloads. This way you can download a bunch of cards 
into the iPod in a hotel room, etc.

Again, the iPod is basically a battery powered small form factor 
harddrive, so it is what it is as far as storing image files. At the 
level of _file transfer_ the iPod knows nothing about the difference 
between a TIFF and an AIFF.


(waiting for something better than the Belkin which sounds broken to me 
if it is really this slow, but something I'd probably recommend to a 
someone who needs to travel light i.e. really wants to avoid lugging a 
laptop into the field, and who has used up all their cards.)

> On Sep 12, 2004, at 1:30 PM, Ted Grant wrote:
>> Bryan Caldwell asked:
>>>>> Have you (or anyone else) actually used the iPod/Card Reader to 
>>>>> store
>>> images yet? <<<<<<<
>> Hi Bryan,
>> With sad regret!! :-(  Well it was OK for a few test down loads, but 
>> what I
>> ran into was everytime I hardly brushed the "finger touch pad" it 
>> seemed to
>> require some kind of language re-programming. It kept being brushed 
>> and
>> changing the language to as many languages there must be in the 
>> world. And
>> without any distinct instructions how to get it back to English the 
>> became absolutely useless.
>> Finally found someone in Phoenix to get it back to English and we 
>> never took
>> it on the road again so we could down load the memory cards during the
>> day...... simple answer?  We bought a half dozen 256 memory cards! 
>> Screw the
>> iPOD!
>> Then one day as we were unloading a bunch of stuff in our digs it was 
>> turned
>> on and it was back to some absolutely unrecognizable language, so we 
>> shut it
>> off and left it until we returned to home office.  We knew there was 
>> a bunch
>> of images on it that we required from earlier card down loads, so we 
>> left
>> it.
>> Then the complete disaster.................. When we arrived home the 
>> person
>> who was supposed to understand iPOD operation wasn't too sure about 
>> the
>> language thing and unfortunately to our later sorrow, wasn't as 
>> skilled at
>> operating it as we'd been lead to believe. And after copious amount 
>> of iPOD
>> instruction reading!
>> By the time he had figured out how to get to the English language and
>> touching everything that appeared to do something he had successfully
>> deleted everything stored in it!!!!!!!!! And heaven knows in what 
>> language!!
>> So the ipod? hell I wouldn't buy it if it were the only storage 
>> equipment in
>> the world! The instructions are a total waste of time and absolutely
>> useless! Where is it now? Heck I gave it to my grandson who thought 
>> I'd
>> given him a gold bar and he's merrily using it to store his music! :-)
>> Picture storage?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE! There must be a much better 
>> storage
>> equipment than the damn useless iPOD!
>> That's the part I can repeat! :-) The rest in any language whether 
>> you can
>> understand it or not, everyone knows exactly how I feel! :-(
>> ted
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