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Subject: [Leica] 1.5GB in a shirt pocket IPOD! aaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: bcaldwell51 at (Bryan Caldwell)
Date: Sun Sep 12 19:09:06 2004
References: <00a801c4985c$c260e640$> <> <000b01c49907$59d5ef70$87d86c18@ted>


You confirm my suspicions.

A great music player, but not for picture storage.


On Sep 12, 2004, at 1:30 PM, Ted Grant wrote:

> Bryan Caldwell asked:
>>>> Have you (or anyone else) actually used the iPod/Card Reader to 
>>>> store
>> images yet? <<<<<<<
> Hi Bryan,
> With sad regret!! :-(  Well it was OK for a few test down loads, but 
> what I
> ran into was everytime I hardly brushed the "finger touch pad" it 
> seemed to
> require some kind of language re-programming. It kept being brushed and
> changing the language to as many languages there must be in the world. 
> And
> without any distinct instructions how to get it back to English the 
> became absolutely useless.
> Finally found someone in Phoenix to get it back to English and we 
> never took
> it on the road again so we could down load the memory cards during the
> day...... simple answer?  We bought a half dozen 256 memory cards! 
> Screw the
> iPOD!
> Then one day as we were unloading a bunch of stuff in our digs it was 
> turned
> on and it was back to some absolutely unrecognizable language, so we 
> shut it
> off and left it until we returned to home office.  We knew there was a 
> bunch
> of images on it that we required from earlier card down loads, so we 
> left
> it.
> Then the complete disaster.................. When we arrived home the 
> person
> who was supposed to understand iPOD operation wasn't too sure about the
> language thing and unfortunately to our later sorrow, wasn't as 
> skilled at
> operating it as we'd been lead to believe. And after copious amount of 
> iPOD
> instruction reading!
> By the time he had figured out how to get to the English language and
> touching everything that appeared to do something he had successfully
> deleted everything stored in it!!!!!!!!! And heaven knows in what 
> language!!
> So the ipod? hell I wouldn't buy it if it were the only storage 
> equipment in
> the world! The instructions are a total waste of time and absolutely
> useless! Where is it now? Heck I gave it to my grandson who thought I'd
> given him a gold bar and he's merrily using it to store his music! :-)
> Picture storage?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE! There must be a much better storage
> equipment than the damn useless iPOD!
> That's the part I can repeat! :-) The rest in any language whether you 
> can
> understand it or not, everyone knows exactly how I feel! :-(
> ted

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