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Subject: [Leica] Anchell's darkroom books: which is which ?
From: durling at (Mike Durling)
Date: Wed Sep 8 20:29:16 2004
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For some reason I prefer the Darkroom Cookbook over the second book. 
Darkroom is in it's second edition so has some newer material in it.  I 
was a little disappointed in the film developing book because it didn't 
really add too much for me.  I also found that some of the development 
times in the index were wrong.

I went through a period where I tried a bunch of developers.  I finally 
standardized on good ol D-76, but mixed from scratch using the original 
formula.  He says it is better than the pre-packaged stuff and it seems 
to be although I can't quantify the difference.  I do notice that if you 
agitate tri-X, in the real D-76 1:1, once a minute you do get edge 
effects which some have claimed are impossible with modern films.  In 
any case it produces good tones and fine grain, and the negatives scan 

Mike D

Phong wrote:
> re.:
>>  1. The Darkroom Cookbook by Stephen G. Anchell
>>  2. The Film Developing Cookbook (Darkroom Cookbook) by
>>      Stephen G. Anchell and Bill Troop
> tm wrote:
>>The first book contains recipes from which you can make your own 
>>batches of film developers. The second book contains many more 
>>items, including discussions re films, developer ingredients, 
>>types of developers, formulas, and -- best of all -- recommended 
>>development time for hundreds of films and developers.
> The second book is what I want then.
> Much obliged.
> - Phong
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