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Subject: [Leica] Olympic photo positions.
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Mon Sep 6 15:22:39 2004

The VR lenses for Nikon are somewhat of an enigma.  For example, the
80-400 does its best job at the 80mm end which is not what is needed.
For pros shooting sports or wildlife and don't have Mr. Herr's
unshakable grip, then the IS lenses in the 300 to 600 range are required
tools.  Nikon doesn't make a whole line and just recently started making
teleconverters compatible with the VR function.

As to over all ability, while I think that the Canon telephoto group is
the best in the world, nobody would say that the Nikkors are second
best.  Like all things, you have to evaluate what works for you and
understand that others will have different requirements that may be
radically different than yours.


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How do the new Nikon AF-S VR lenses compare to Canon?  I'm not familiar 
with Canon but I do own a Nikon D70 that works very well for me as a 
high end "pro-sumer camera."  I'm pleased with the images and quite 
frankly, I could care less if the new Nikon lenses fit the old bodies.  
I also had a Canon FD setup for awhile...
Rober Clark
Lancaster, PA

J. Codispoti wrote:

>In the 70s Nikon was indeed the best. Now I am
>waiting for Canon's 20d for my new digital system.
>Frank Bez, a well known photographer in my area,
>was dissatisfied with the results from Nikon
>He borrowed a Canon from another well known
>photographer (George Lapp) and immediately
>switched to Canon.
>When the two brands switched to auto-focus lenses,
>Canon decided to abandon its previous FD lens
>mount in favor of a larger one to accommodate all
>the features of the new system. Nikon decided to
>adapt the new lenses to the old mount. That was a
>mistake that cost them dearly for they could not
>match the speed and convenience afforded by the
>EOS mount . While there was dissatisfaction on the
>part of users for having to abandon the FD lenses,
>soon all was forgotten and Canon surpassed Nikon
>in sales.
>Also to consider is the fact that Nikon is a small
>company compared to the giant that is Canon.
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