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From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Sun Sep 5 18:00:03 2004
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I come out of the high tech biz. Been involved with different
kinds of startups (and big co's) for 15 years or so. You can
research and manufacture products at all different scales, and
often it's the smaller companies that do the serious inovating.

Once the blood letting stops, hopefully a company or two
(or more) will remain with right sized operations and the
appropriate financial structure (that's the real problem for
downsizing the big co's operations) for profitably servicing the
artist and amateur B&W film consumers.

Feli di Giorgio wrote:

>On Sun, 2004-09-05 at 12:37, Jesse Hellman wrote:
>>But IS the market empty, Dan? While B & W film and darkroom products may 
>>be heading in the direction of art and hobby photographers very quickly 
>>there still may be enough to support a few streamlined companies if with 
>>no research for the future. 
>I think this is exactly where we are heading. Kodak is in a panic
>because they only sold $800 million worth of film instead of $1 billion.
>It takes a lot of cash to keep the lights on in a company that big and
>they also have to answer to the stock holders.
>But I think a small private company like EFKE would be giddy if they had
>worldwide sales of even $20 million...
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