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From: bladman99 at (Dan C)
Date: Sun Sep 5 16:57:57 2004
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Perhaps.....a few months ago I sold 50 rolls of Agfapan 25 back to the
dealer I bought them from when Agfa discontinued it a few years ago, and he
was thrilled to get them (and they all sold out within a week, mainly to
store employees).

But all in all, I doubt that the b/w market is particularly strong.  I
suspect that people who scan film are discovering that colour film (or film
C41 b/w film) happens to scan very nicely into black and white images.

-dan c.

At 03:37 PM 05-09-04 -0400, Jesse Hellman wrote:
>But IS the market empty, Dan? While B & W film and darkroom products may 
>be heading in the direction of art and hobby photographers very quickly 
>there still may be enough to support a few streamlined companies if with 
>no research for the future. The structure of the business had been set 
>up for a different market leading to more employees than are now needed.
>For instance, there still may be many people who want to use film and 
>scan it instead of heading for the darkroom (which I just came out of). 
>I hope so, because I'm not ready to switch to digital for B & W. For 
>color, I use film and have it put on CDs with large enough files for 
>printing on my Epson R800.
>There may be enough other people who will do this for years to keep a 
>business like Ilford going, but not enough for product development.

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