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From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun Sep 5 16:18:58 2004

Hobby/art, compared to the entire film market, is indeed an 'empty
market.' That doesn't mean that there won't be enough business to
support what you describe as a few streamlined companies. But that has
nothing to do with whether or not the age of film is heading for its
Dec. 31. ;-)

B. D.

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But IS the market empty, Dan? While B & W film and darkroom products may

be heading in the direction of art and hobby photographers very quickly 
there still may be enough to support a few streamlined companies if with

no research for the future. The structure of the business had been set 
up for a different market leading to more employees than are now needed.

For instance, there still may be many people who want to use film and 
scan it instead of heading for the darkroom (which I just came out of). 
I hope so, because I'm not ready to switch to digital for B & W. For 
color, I use film and have it put on CDs with large enough files for 
printing on my Epson R800.

There may be enough other people who will do this for years to keep a 
business like Ilford going, but not enough for product development.


Dan C wrote:
> A significant market share of an empty market doesn't amount to much.
> -dan c.

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