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Subject: [Leica] Re: MORE THAN... R.I.P. ILFORD
From: bladman99 at (Dan C)
Date: Mon Sep 6 07:22:02 2004
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A salesman told me about a digicam (I think made by Pentax) which could be
set to show the world in b/w, except for the colour of your choice.  So for
instance, things red in real life would appear red in the viewfinder, but
all other objects would appear as shades of gray.  And presumably in the
final picture.

But seriously folks, why bother to set a digicam such as the Leica D2 to
b/w mode, when much better grayscale results can be had by manipulating the
colour image in a program such as Photoshop?   Both of my digicams have b/w
modes, but I have always considered them as marketing gimmicks.  My little
Sony T1 even has a posterize option (which they mistakenly call "solarize",
maybe an error in translation?), which can even be used in movie mode!  

-dan c.

At 09:47 AM 06-09-04 -0400, you wrote:
>HOT ZIGGITY! That's like, the opposite of the Wizard
>of Oz! You mean you can touch a button and then the
>whole world goes b&w (as long as you view through the
>Could they pre-program other versions into the
>viewfinder too? Like a Velvia world, a K25 world, an
>E100SW world, an Infra-Red world, etc., to suit your
>mood? Even a half-quart of Lagavullin version (a
>little shaky, maybe)? 
>Who needs photography anymore? We be like scoring
>electronic drugs!

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