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Subject: [Leica] Al Speer, Man of Many Masks
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Thu Aug 26 20:01:03 2004
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At 12:58 AM 8/26/04 -0400, Chandos Michael Brown wrote:

>I, too, share your concern with the "facts," Marc, which you here deploy
>as an aggressive assault on views that you don't share.  Nonetheless,
>you made a specific claim that Albert Speer "changed" his name during or
>after Nuremburg.  I don't much care whether this is true or not; my
>interest derives solely from the happenstance that I interacted on a
>regular basis for some years with an attorney who was instrumental in
>securing him a place at Spandau.  

The last, Chandos, is a remarkable way of suggesting that this fellow
defended Speer at Nuremburg?  I have the name, though not at hand, of his
defense attorney, who was a German.  Is this the fellow to whom you refer?
(The choice presented to the tribunal was acquittal -- imprisonment at
Spandau --  death, and it took no special legal eagleisms to get him to
serve his term at Spandau though it did take some genius to keep him off
the gallows.  And, pray, understand that I DEEPLY disapprove of the death
penalty and feel that its application at Nuremburg, as so many of the
rulings from the tribunal, was wrong, wrong, wrong.)

If my understanding about Speer's choice of the spelling of his first name
is in error, I can only stand corrected.  I do have a copy buried away in
my files of his original certification as an Engineer and Architect in the
name of "Albrecht" and I recall that this was the spelling of the name on
his birth certificate, as well.  But, then, the issue is really a red
herring, isn't it?

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