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Subject: [Leica] Leni Riefenstahl
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Wed Aug 25 17:09:11 2004
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At 09:21 PM 8/24/04 -0500, Matthew Powell wrote:
>She's on the record as having written adoring letters to Hitler in 1932 
>and having met frequently with Goebbels at her home, picnicking with 
>Hitler and Goebbels - to say she had little connection is either 
>It wasn't as if she was selected out of the blue to produce Nazi 
>propaganda - she offered her services to the party and produced her 
>first film (since destroyed) in 1933, a prelude to Triumph of the Will.
>There's also the issue of the Czech Rom who were sent to the camps 
>after being used as extras in 1942 (an issue that was being 
>investigated at the time of her death) - in and of itself, another 
>indicator that the 1934-9 timeline is wrong. She was a war 
>correspondent in Poland and returned to Berlin (allegedly after 
>witnessing a massacre) where she continued to work for and with the 

Once again, I am interested in facts, not in suppositions.  Pray, state
your sources for these allegations or else hold your peace.

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