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Subject: [Leica] Leni Riefenstahl
From: kitmc at (Kit McChesney | Vuelux)
Date: Tue Aug 24 17:31:34 2004

I've seen some bald-faced revisionism before, but this takes the cake! I
guess next we'll be arguing that Hitler wasn't a Nazi! 

Now maybe I will have some of that Lagavulin. I need it after this posting. 

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At 06:19 AM 8/23/04 +0200, Nathan Wajsman wrote:
>To just look at the technical prowess of someone like Riefenstahl 
>without reference to her enthusiastic support for the Nazis is sterile. 
>She was not just someone who played along with the regime in order to 
>survive; she was a committed supporter. As such I reject her work 
>totally. I have no desire to have a book of her photographs on my shelf, 
>just as I have no need to have Mein Kampf there.


Please.  Would you give me one example of any direct support Riefenstahl
ever gave the Nazis?  She was not a party member, she met Hitler only two
or three times in the 1930's, and was out of the public purview at the
insistence of G?bbels by 1938:  she had great difficulty finding work
during the War.

Again, provide just one example of her "committed support" to the Nazis!
She made two films, for which she was well-paid.  She had a lengthy affair
with Albrecht Speer before he was of much comment in the Third Reich.  The
Nazis swept her aside as irrelevant long before the Second World War broke

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