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Subject: [Leica] Leni Riefenstahl
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Thu Aug 26 20:00:56 2004
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At 08:24 PM 8/25/04 -0500, Matthew Powell wrote:
>While I would love to type up a bibliography for you, checking the IMDB 
>will confirm her filming dates, and a quick Google search would cover 
>the rest. I'd expect someone interested in Riefenstahl's involvement 
>with the Nazis, rather than simply defending her honor, to do so.

Well, I DO understand her chronological filmography:  she made TRIUMPH DES
WILLENS in 1934 and OLYMPIAD in 1936 and, thereafter, made nothing for the
Nazis nor was she a welcome member of the "von dem berg" set, though she
did have a long-time affair with Speer, to the delight of Sefton Delbert,
the journalist in charge of the black-propaganda radio station,
SOLDATENSENDER CALAIS, who gave their assignations great coverage.

I am asking those who can show of any support by Riefenstahl for the Nazi
Party or German Government after 1936 to produce some proof of this.

Incidentally, a brief time-line may be in order:

1933 30 JAN             Hitler becomes Chancellor
1933  MAR               Reichstag fire
1934  NOV               Party Rally filmed in DER TRIUMPH DES WILLENS
1935                    Death of Hindenberg, election of Hitler as President
1936  MAR               Occupation of the Rhineland
1936  FEB - AUG Olympics filmed in OLYMPIAD
1938                    Kristalnacht (the first open anti-Jewish Pogrom)
1938  SEP               Munich
1939  MAR               Occupation of the rest of Czechoslovakia
1939  SEP               Outbreak of World War II

Note that Riefenstahl's involvement is quite early, quite brief, and quite
limited.  She deserves evaluation of her entire opera, not just for one
22-month period during which she made two movies.

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