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Subject: [Leica] Conformity in Athens
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Aug 19 06:41:12 2004

In regard to all the Canon lenses evident in Athens, Adam concluded that
"Their choice tells you who is making the best equipment."

And I would say, not necessarily.

What it tells you is who offered the newspapers and magazines the better
deals; who offers better pro service; and what equipment the
publications had the last time they replaced equipment.

I was speaking recently with the photo ed of a smaller daily that had
just purchased a new batch of Nikon digitals for the staff. As he noted,
one year Nikon's going to be ahead, and the next it's going to be Canon
- and the paper already has a pile of Nikon lenses. So unless one
manufacturer really falls behind, and looks like it's going to stay
there, purchasers will tend to go with what makes economic sense.
Remember, that is a very important factor for corporate purchasers, or
anyone who is living off what the camera produces.

And yes, with the EOS MkII Canon is clearly ahead at the moment - just
in time for the Olympics. But I'd be willing to bet that the next
iteration of the Nikon D? will have some features that move it head of
Canon - for a brief period of time.

B. D.
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Well there IS an implied insult regardless of what you say you intend.
The number of Nikon lenses I see in use at sporting events is about the
same as the number of Leica lenses. It's not the lens that drives the
choice though - it's the camera body. They are photographers shooting
for a publication deadline. 


On Wed, 18 Aug 2004 18:49:49 -0700, Peter Klein <>
> Monkey see, monkey do, monkey use same lens as you!   :-)
> 641&cdi=0
> No insult intended to the people depicted.  Just noting the obvious 
> near-monopoly.
> --Peter
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