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Subject: [Leica] Domke 802
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue Jul 27 15:58:43 2004

> as nice to work out as a Billingnham L2, but it draws a lot less
> attention. I wanted the 802, because I figured I could cram my M kit and
> a Rollei TLR in there, but it's the same size as a laptop bag, except
> it's canvas, not nylon which may make it look less like a laptop bag.
> Are you still with me? Maybe the answer is a canvas bag from the
> Army&Navy store with some Domke inserts...a diaper bag without a baby
> may get you arrested.
>> They bring your bag home upon it up and go "Hey! I've got the OTHER 
>> thing!"
> Surprise!
>> Does not for a happy "fence" make.
> I'll give you $20 bucks for the bag and $10 for the old cameras.
> Feli
I'm still with you see if your can follow this:
My black F6 bag which is not canvas but bulletproof stuff apparently
although I've not tried it is one of my most used bags. I think a main
reason is it doesn't look like a camera bag in particular or anything else.
I think of it as my "black bag". I use it for "black bag jobs"! Which covers
a lot of situations.
If yours is BOXY (caps are boxier) is that because you've got INSERTS in it?
My just hangs there limp having intriguingly zero padding. Somehow this
works out ok its the padding which makes for the bulk of a camera bag
situation and it's interesting to see how much we can do without. I've
found. I think this is what the Domke thing is all about!
Compare your camera with your camera bag. Which is bigger? :)
It's weird how your average camera in it's camera bag is 4 times bigger than
when it's just sitting there. But in a paper bag it's just about the same
size! :)
And then the same goes for canvas or this crazy bullet proof bag material.
The more you stick in the bag the bag just magically expanse to just that
size. And is not that size in the first place. I know this sounds dumb but
it's something I just figured out myself so I'm thinking others might be in
the same boat.
Sometimes I'll throw a lens wrap in there for some padding - to keep my
camera company although there's always a chance my gear will get banged from
the other end. But I'll stick it between my camera and it's extra lens so
they don?t bang into each other in there. I avoid actually wrapping
something up as what ever gets wraps never gets used. That I can count on.
Just me perhaps.
I think in the end what's the highest priority for me is that a case with
the smallest footprint is the one I'll have on me ten times more. As in
Show me a big case. I'll show you a case which I've left at home.
(which I know means that at home is where we are looking at the case)

This post is case sensitive!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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