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Subject: [Leica] Domke 802
From: feli at (Feli di Giorgio)
Date: Tue Jul 27 16:18:23 2004
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On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 15:58, Mark Rabiner wrote:

> I'm still with you see if your can follow this:
> My black F6 bag which is not canvas but bulletproof stuff apparently
> although I've not tried it is one of my most used bags. 
I think a main reason is it doesn't look like a camera bag in particular or 
anything else.
> I think of it as my "black bag". I use it for "black bag jobs"! Which 
> covers
> a lot of situations.
> If yours is BOXY (caps are boxier) is that because you've got INSERTS in 
> it?

Yup. I have a 4x4 and a single in there. The 4x4 is turning in to a pain
in the neck.

> My just hangs there limp having intriguingly zero padding. Somehow this
> works out ok its the padding which makes for the bulk of a camera bag
> situation and it's interesting to see how much we can do without. I've
> found. I think this is what the Domke thing is all about!

Any problems with protection? The cameras that is.

> Compare your camera with your camera bag. Which is bigger? :)

Depends on what camera we are looking at.

> It's weird how your average camera in it's camera bag is 4 times bigger 
> than
> when it's just sitting there. But in a paper bag it's just about the same
> size! :)

Maybe I should just use a paper bag from Ralph's, but what if it rains?

> And then the same goes for canvas or this crazy bullet proof bag material.
> The more you stick in the bag the bag just magically expanse to just that
> size. And is not that size in the first place. I know this sounds dumb but
> it's something I just figured out myself so I'm thinking others might be in
> the same boat.
> Sometimes I'll throw a lens wrap in there for some padding - to keep my
> camera company although there's always a chance my gear will get banged 
> from
> the other end. But I'll stick it between my camera and it's extra lens so
> they don?t bang into each other in there. I avoid actually wrapping
> something up as what ever gets wraps never gets used. That I can count on.
> Just me perhaps.

> I think in the end what's the highest priority for me is that a case with
> the smallest footprint is the one I'll have on me ten times more. As in
> always.

Agreed. That's why I like the 802. It's small till you cram it fill of

> Show me a big case. I'll show you a case which I've left at home.
> (which I know means that at home is where we are looking at the case)
> This post is case sensitive!


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