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Subject: [Leica] Blow-up, the movie.
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed Jul 28 11:41:48 2004

On 7/28/04 9:44 AM, "Philippe Orlent" <> typed:

> Even if I'm a strong believer of the advantages of the digital realm, I
> don't think it will come that far, just because it will take more time to
> construct a digital reproduction than to shoot it. Parts of the images,
> maybe, but not the entire picture. And as for the low wage countries 
> theory,
> with all due respect, and just coming back from a film shoot in South
> Africa, it will take those countires at least a few decades to catch up 
> with
> the standards we're used to.
> ---

Fashion models are now a personality cult. They are as big if not bigger
than movie stars and have at least as many "quirks."
When I was a teen friend of mine could name one or two models if any. Twiggy
and Maybe Gene Shrimpton if she was really into it. Then Sheryl Tiegs in the
70's stood alone because of that TV commercial when they mentioned her name.
Now a typical high school kid can roll off a dozen models, They can name
more models than movie stars. Or members of the cabinet. Who they sleep with
and what brand of cigarettes they smoke....  And what movie they are about
to be in. When senator they are going out with.
The models now if you noticed are much less homogeneous. They do not all
look the same - some are quite unusual.

People know what they sound like.
They have voices.

It used to be when a model did a live commercial they dubbed her voice. With
a voice as gorgeous as she looked.
Now they would get killed for doing a thing like that.

Models now are real people.
What they had for breakfast is a well known fact.

They are as likely to be replaced by a graphics program as Julia Roberts
would be.

The movie "S1m0ne" by the way which came out in 2002 with Al Pacino and was
all about this was such an excruciating dud. With the exception of Winona
Ryder's role of course. And Katherine Keener.
Al Pacino gets in these films where he just WON'T SHUT UP!!

The title role was (super)model Rachel Roberts who I'd not notice too much
before but in the film looked like something I've never seen before,
Did Garbo look this good? I don?t think so.
But Garbo can act this model unfortunately can not. Yet. But her personality
came through. I had seen a half hour thing on her on the E channel. Hippy
chick. Had a Hippy mom. From Vancouver BC.
They haven't got a filter like this in Photoshop yet folks.
And no third party ones either!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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