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Subject: [Leica] Why a digital M
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Wed Jul 14 07:21:21 2004
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The trouble for me is grain is OK when you want the effect, it is a 
pain when you don't. I am less keen on digital noise than grain but 
thankfully digital chips from APS size up are pretty well noise free 
from 400asa down. I really do think one of films major weaknesses 
compared to digital (NOT P&S digital) is the grain. At least if one 
wants grain it is still available - using the Leica!

On 14 Jul, 2004, at 14:41, B. D. Colen wrote:

> Inferior because of the grain? I don't think so. Each film's grain
> structure is part of the 'look' of the particular film, and is in fact
> one of the reasons that people prefer particular films. One of the draw
> backs of digital can, for me, be the lack of grain - although there are
> some pretty good ways to put it in.
> And digital has its own "grain;" except it's called "noise." :-)
> B. D.
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> Yeah, I have to agree with that - except that sometimes I like grain in
> a photo. To me the bug drawback with film scanning is the clean-up work
> I have to do in photoshop - dust, color-cast, etc. Of course, I don't
> have a very nice scanner either ;)
> On Wed, 14 Jul 2004 08:14:15 +0100, Frank Dernie
> <> wrote:
>> Yea but look at the results - scanned film is nowhere near as good as
>> you write. I use a Nikon 8000 scanner and scanned film 35 is very
>> comparable to my 6mpxl EOS, better in some ways, worse in others.
>> Scanned 6x7 negs have more resolution but are still inferior in some
>> ways because of the grain. Frank
>> On 14 Jul, 2004, at 02:12, Frank Filippone wrote:
>>> It was measured as 10MP per square inch... and a Pixel defined as in
>>> any other graphics business. .... as a representation of RGB ( or
>>> other color
>>> coordinate) ....  SO it is 10MP/sqIn * 1 1/2 sqIn/Neg * 3
> Colors/pixel
>>> for a
>>> total of 45MP ( as measured by the marketing companies trying to
> sell
>>> pixels
>>> rather than perfrormance) for a 35mm Neg... and that was a bunch of
>>> years
>>> ago with lower grade film than Velvia or Tmx100......
>>> Frank Filippone
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