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Subject: [Leica] An R series question
From: jkoplen at (Julian Koplen)
Date: Sun Jun 20 06:23:18 2004
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To 'R' experts:

Much has been made about the R4's "dark viewfinder".  It was my impression
that this was related to the 'R4' focusing screen, and that when it was
replaced with the later 'R' focusing screen, it then was on a brightness par
with other 'R' cameras up through R7.  Is that not true?  At any rate, I did
that for my R4.  My visual memory for screen brightness is not good enough
for me to report the degree of improvement.  It was recommended somewhere,
so I simply did it.


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On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 06:01:52PM -0230, Greg Locke wrote:
> A nice 180 f2 lens just landed in my lap so I guess I need a R body to
> it work.
> What was the best R body leica made and which is the ones to stay away
> ..and I'm not really interested in the R8/9 bodies.

I have an R4 and R6, both of which are working fine.  A few have mentioned
the R6.2
as being the best mechanical and I would concur, however they are becoming
more and
more difficult to find as they have been out of production since 2001 AFAIK.
My R6
was a much easier find, nor did it have the premium associated with the
"best of
category".  The only difference between the two is the shutter speed - R6 w/
and R6.2 w/ 1/2000.  I would avoid the R4 as it is a Minolta with a dark

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