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Subject: [Leica] Re:best lens to take anywhere
From: grduprey at (
Date: Wed May 19 07:32:46 2004

According to Murphy's Law, You will always have the wrong lens attached.
If I had a Tri-Elmar on, it is guaranteed I will need the 90.  If I had two
bodies, one with the Tri-Elmar and the other with the 90, it would be
guaranteed I will need the Noctilux.  And so on...  And since my luck seems
to follow Murphy's Laws, I'm screwed, no matter what I take. ;-)

Anyway, I have 7 months to think this over (Actually, I'll get around to
thinking about it about 1 hour before I leave for the airport), and in the
end I'm sure reason (My Wife) will prevail. ;-)

Kyle, I'm not sure I will bring back all stunning photos, but I will try to
make a few. ;-)


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this question keeps coming up.

if you have to ask "should i take by 500mm lens" you probably shouldn't.
You'rethinking about the problem too much, trying to anticipate every
situation in
advance and be prepared for it in advance. Since you don't know what you'll

meet in advance, however, this process only guarantees that (a) you'll be
prepared for all the wrong things and none of the real things and (b)
you're gonna
have to haul all that crap everywhere, and it weighs a TON.

The trick is mobility and an ability to shift gears quickly. Pare down, do
away with. Remember, the more lenses you carry, the greater the odds you
the wrong lens on the camera.

I'm going to italy in june and have it pretty well pared down to the CL,
15mm, the 25mm (still deciding on this) the 40 and the 90 and I'll probably

end up using the Olympus XA mostly for B/W.

that's it. Call me lazy. So i miss the head and shoulders shot of the pope
plenty of those around already.


charlie trentelman
In a message dated 5/18/04 1:01:20 PM, writes:

> IF the asker has ever used his or her camera, he or she knows what he or
> she likes to shoot, and knows what lenses he or she needs to shoot it.
> You do street shooting with 28 to 50s - then that's what you need? You
> like to shoot flowers with a macro? You need a macro. You specialize in
> long shots of people or distant buildings, trees, rocks or barns, you
> need what ever you shoot them with at home. Good Dog! said the dyslexic,
> how can this be such a difficult question? And as for those who will
> say, 'well I'm going to Easter Island for the first time and I don't
> know what I'll find there' - either you're going there precisely BECAUSE
> you know what you'll find there and you've long wanted to see it, or
> you're being sent there on business, and know nothing about the place -
> in which case you can Google it (Plug for Brian) and find out more about
> it in 15 minutes than our parents would have found out spending a day in
> the library.
> Geeeeeeseeee Louiseeeeee~!

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