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Subject: [Leica] "a few years" for digital pix + solving E-mail delivery
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat May 1 13:16:24 2004

I wasn't being a nit picker,

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Subject: [Leica] "a few years" for digital pix + solving E-mail delivery

    B.D. Colen properly asks how long a life for digital pix is "a few 
years." When I talked with a Wisconsin dealer on Thursday he mentioned
like eight or 10 years vs over a hundred years so far for traditional
    Because I was listening rather than taking notes I don't remember
exact number but it was surely less than 10 years. He was talking about
both cd's 
and prints.
   You guys are really pick nitters; I purposely said "a few years"
than be more precise to avoid a correction. 
   As to some LUGers not receiving some e-mail messages, I'd check
you are using either McAfee or Norton programs, which can block certain
from getting through. I'd also check my pop-up blocker.
   Also, when I was having trouble receiving E-mail from a leading media

organization, I reported it to them and they worked it out within their
organization and I don't know who else but now the e-mails are being
delivered. [To 
help correct the problem, I also sent the e-mail sender copies of
messages I got on their stuff.]  I'd also check regularly in your Spam
some e-mail stuff often lands there. -- bob cole
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