Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/05/05

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Subject: SV: [Leica] "a few years" for digital pix + solving E-mail delivery
From: hd at (Håkan Dennersten)
Date: Wed May 5 01:24:52 2004

> > years." When I talked with a Wisconsin dealer on Thursday 
> he mentioned 
> > something like eight or 10 years vs over a hundred years so far for 
> > traditional photos.
> who still comes up with this bunkum? Someone is BSing you and 
> really doesn't know what they are talking about.
> The answer is that it depends - but digital prints (and CD's) 
> in the right conditions will last much much longer than that 
> - probably at least 100 years (and digital files indefinitely 
> if you undertake the proper migration for them).

What  source do you have for this ? All my burned CD:s from 1996 are dead by
now. What do you mean by "proper migration" ? 

I had a discussion with friends about this the other day with friends. But
nobody knew if the problems from the 90s was solved. 


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