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Subject: [Leica] New TriX
From: durling at (Mike Durling)
Date: Fri Apr 9 19:31:02 2004
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I haven't been shooting a lot of film lately, but I was getting good 
results with homebrew (original formula) D-76 1:1.  I think times were 9 
minutes at 20C.  I tended to overexpose about a stop, but my tendency is 
to underexpose so that may just compensate for how I meter.

Mike D

Michael E. Berube wrote:
> Does anyone have a favourite formulation for the new TriX? How does it look in 
> Rodinal Mark?
> My local most trusted B&W lab guy hates the new TriX with a passion (he prefers 
> Bergger and HP5) and indeed all of the new TriX rolls that I've seen from his 
> lab have the tonality of lith film. He's using D76 for TriX but I know not at 
> what time/temp. I do not want to send him the film if he isn't having a good 
> time with it so it looks like I'll be processing silver again for my fun 
> shooting (then having it scanned and print via Epson or Frontier. 
> I have been out of the B&W darkroom for about a decade.
> I got 20 rolls of the new TriX to push through my Leicas at a really nice price 
> but don't want to waste them all in experimenting so I'd love a jumping off 
> point if someone is using the new emulsion with a custom ISO rating, a 
> favourite developer or a custom time/temp/agitation choice and is liking the 
> results. 
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Carpe Luminem,
> Michael Eric Berube
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