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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: the MP again
From: Jerry Lehrer <>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 21:48:14 -0700
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Just send your Rabidwinder back to it's maker and for a small fee
he modifies it to use his Grip and therefore, a tripod.


JCB wrote:

> At 05:37 PM 8/31/2003 -0700, Ted Grant wrote:
> >rich wondered:
> > >>>        I thought the Abrahamsson RapidWinder did not allow
> > > the use of the rapidwinder on a tripod.  Am I mistaken?<<<
> >
> >OOPS!!! :-)
> >
> >Sorry Rich,
> >I always thought Tom had modified the RapidWinder for use on a tripod. He
> >may have on a different version than I have.
> >
> >However I just checked my 3 and the tripod hole is in the middle and
> >depending on the type of tripod head it would probably negate the use of the
> >RapidWinder when the camera is mounted and legs.
> >
> >But like I say I thought had changed this, so I'll have to give him a call.
> >ted
> I use a 1/2 RRS B82 plate on my RapidWinders. This allows quick tripod use
> and unencumbered normal RapidWinder use. The tripod hole is in the center
> on all of my Rapidwinders. The lip of the B82 goes over the front edge of
> the RapidWinder and the plate is cut off just in front of the RapidWinder
> advance lever. Smooth the edged with a fine file. Blacken with Birchwood
> Casey Aluminum Black if desired. During normal camera/RapidWinder use
> you'll never know it's there. But if necessary, you can plop your M camera
> on a tripod post-haste.
> A Gitzo 1228, a Gitzo 1277M magnesium centre ball head with a RRS B2 clamp,
> and a Gitzo shoulder strap (carry the tripod head down) make a "you won't
> know it's there until needed" tripod. Great for long treks where a tripod
> could be useful. Like in a forest, cityscapes at night, max DOF with slow
> film, etc.
> JB
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