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Subject: RE: [Leica] PWIFLIs--Dinner with Parents
From: "Nelson Ricciardi" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 12:01:46 -0300

Hei Br. I had one of those small and powerfull digitals. One thing made
me nuts: the shutter lag.

Itīs take a picture today, hope you can get it tomorrow. 

To take pictures of kids itīs impossible!

Sold it two month latter..

Oh, and there was also the DOF factor. Too much DOF with that 7-21mm

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<< This is the best of the lot, overall (my mother and a friend):


In my experience a digital camera reverses film speed. I had thought
that if 
I set my Oly 5050 digital to ISO 200 or 400, I could breezily shoot EL,
as I do with my M3 and a fast Leica 50mm lens. It didn't work that way.
With some experimentation I discovered that I was able to get good EL
with the digital by setting its ISO to Auto or 64. Digitals nowadays -- 
whatever you pay for them -- need a lot of both light and battery power
to climb up 
the Herter Driffeld curve -- if such a graph exists for a digital
sensor. And 
avoid using shutter preferred mode. Use P instead, and let the digital's

algorithms do the work. The 5050 is about the best of the prosumers out
there now. 
But this is just one man's opinion. 

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