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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Epson 3000 or 2200 - Now and ( long)
From: "Will" <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 17:53:43 -0700
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Phong writes:

| I am trying to make sense of the situation with
| now that the original company is split into
| and, neither of whose website is particularly
| designed to provide information about their product
| Inkjetmall claims that the new PiezoTone inks is not
| with the discontinued PiezographyBW inks, and yet contiune
| refer to PiezographyBW throuhgout their website.
| On the other hand, much of the reputation (and industry
| results) was based on the Sundance formula, now sold thru
| I am looking to buy an Epson 3000 myself, and am quite
| by the situation.  If you were to get into Piezography
| which of the 2 companies would you go with, and why ?
| Anybody wants to shed anylight on this ?

Welcome to the club.  I was an early adopter of the Cone
Piezographic inksets and software plug-in the
time Cone claimed he had developed them and was responsible
for the software interface (a Photoshop plug-in).  I went to
a show featuring the original Cone inksets (later divulged
as being Sundance inks and software), where I was blew away
by the quality of some of the 24 x 36 prints.  Jon Cone
himself even showed up in California to tout his products
and claim authorship.  I am using Epson 1160s.  I  have two
that work perfectly with Epson inksets and one refurbed that
I haven't taken out of the box yet.

I was also subscribed to the Piezography group on Yahoo
(sponsored by Cone) for more than a year.  I found that the
only sensible person on that list was AUSTIN.  The replies
from Cone was a whole series of waffling while at the same
time he supplied freebies to his favorites on the list.

Anyway, I went through two supplies of Cone cartridges.
Unfortunately, most of the ink went towards clearing clogs.
When it printed, it was absolutely beautiful.  But that was
only about 25 percent of the time.

At the present time I have a CIS system not installed....a
supply of the original bulk inks not installed...and I am
afraid to do anything...

All I know that I do not think Jon Cone is the most
forthcoming person.  I wouldn't buy a thing from his
company, Ink Jet Mall.  I really think I am going to email and get the recommendation from Rich Pinto
... who is at least into high quality imaging and who I
think will give me an honest answer.

Most of the peeps with who I interact daily (Leica IRC) seem
to share my qualms.

Regards, Bill Larsen, Terra Bella, CA
from the Real California Heartland

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